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Small app that works as an overlay and allow you to add scanlines on PC Games , Emulators, Frontends in the easiest way possible.

This tool was initially created for PC gamess ,  not sure it will work on all emulators so we highly recommend using Higan / Ares and MAME.

(S4W isn't supported on windows 11 atm)

S4W is open source. 

Join our discord server  to follow this project / discuss / ask anything or to help us on pushing it to the next level. You will also find all links you need on it

Full Tutorial in Video

Tips to Increase Luminosity  to your games when using a high opacity value

Setup Ares with S4W

1.1  source code is available as a download below

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I can't download it! Some error appears like corrupted files! Could you fix that?

hi, sorry for my very late reply. did you manage to download it? 

 can you explain a bit more your issue ? what browser are you using? 

Thanks so much for this tool

It doesn't close fully sometimes on my pc and it seems to be without the option to minimize to the toolbar, but otherwise it's great for sitting close to a large monitor. 

Hello, you mean the tool remain in the task manager ? We worked to solve this issue but thanks for reporting.  Start minimized is planned for the next release :)

Thanks for your feedback 

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After applying a screen filter, the gui disappears and the app then sits in the taskbar minimised at the bottom of the screen. I can't maximise S4W to bring up the gui again when I need to change the effect or close the program.

As I can't maximise it, after using S4W I need to force close it using Control Alt Del (task manager). I can right click to ''close window'' to remove the minimised S4W that is stuck on the taskbar, and although this makes it disappear it still runs in the background as a process. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or just my computer.

To be able to have the program minimised next to the clock and date after applying an effect though would be good in future, with it's gui easily brought up (perhaps by using a keyboard shortcut). Thanks!

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i think you missed something. when scanlines are applied , press escape to be back to the GUI. Or you can bind another key instead escape. this will stop the effect and you'll see the GUI back. (see the picture below) you should check full tutorial we made on youtube. come on discord if needed  

Also we did shortcuts to change effect directly when the overlay is actived. just look for "DEFAULT SHORTCUTS.jpg" inside s4w folder. you also can rebind these shortcuts if needed. 

Hope that will help :)

I think when I initially saw 'disable overlay hotkey' I didn't realise it might bring up the gui. I may have misinterpreted it as Disabling 'Overlay Hotkey' (so the hotkey doesn't work), rather than Disabling 'Overlay' hotkey (only disabling the overlay, bringing back the gui). 

Perhaps you could have 'Disable overlay' as shown above, but with the 'Hotkey' text centred next to the custom button (shown as 'Delete' above). eg 'Hotkey (GUI): Delete'. Perhaps the Delete hotkey above (or Escape as it is by default) could resemble an actual keyboard key, but of course that might take up a lot of time and isn't necessary :)

I suppose the only minor issue is not being able to maximise from the taskbar straight after applying a filter, and instead having to use the hotkey, but I'm guessing due to the way the tool works with the screen, this may not be possible. Thanks for the help!

You're welcome, 

thanks for your feeback. i'm glad that everything is working well for you now.

we're gonna explore what you mean. Thanks for suggesting 


Great update thank you !

Thanks very much for your feedback.

This is so cool! Do you think this is something that could be applied to video as well?


Hi, thank you. This will take effect to your desktop on windows so yes,  you'll can watch youtube or video aswell.  next update 1.1 is coming in few days with new features :)

Absolutely fantastic! Bezels would be great, also 4k support. Keep up the good work!

thank you !!  we try to go in this direction :)

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Next Update 1.1  ???

Hi All, 

Looking to add one more layer,  this will give you the possibility to add  a Bezel /CRT overlay in foreground (Layer1)  and Scanlines in Background (Layer 2)   

Who is interested in ?


thank you, it's very useful for all pixel arts games, the render is very pretty !

Long road to S4W !